Scheduled Activities

2023 Juneteenth Event Schedule

Parking & Transportation

Parking is free on a first come, first served basis at the NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center parking garage, which you will pull into as soon as you turn onto Plymouth Ave N. from Penn Ave N. There will be signs indicating that you can only drive onto Plymouth Ave N. to park as the rest of the block up to N. Morgan Ave will be barricaded off.

If you are using Uber or Lyft, the drop-off location is the parking lot at N. 14th Ave and Penn Ave N. and the $10 voucher code for the first 100 attendees on each platform is: JUNETEENTHUMN

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12:00 PM: March

  • Makeda Zulu, speaker
  • Brandyn Tulloch, speaker
  • 12:20 to 1:00 – March

12:30–1:00 PM: March

  • Led by Brandyn Tulloch
  • Marshaled with Bikers Riding Against Police Brutality
  • Medics from North Star Health Collective

We will march down Penn Ave. toward Robert J. Jones Urban Research & Outreach-Engagement Center (UROC)

1:00–2:00 PM: First Stage Set

  • Terresa Moses, speech and announcements
  • Ntsang, performance
  • The Black Velvet Punks, performance

4:00–5:00 PM: Second Stage Set

  • Jeff Aguy, speaker
  • The Lioness, performance
  • iLLsm, performance
  • "El" Tarli, performance

50–Minute Workshops

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2:00 PM Workshops

Design for Joy by Melanie Walby of Pollen Midwest

Design that decenters harmful, oppressive systems of power requires joy. At Pollen, a media arts nonprofit that harnesses the power of narrative change to build towards a society that is free, just, and loving, designing for joy helps us all imagine a better future.

Healing for Hip Hop Lovers by Nakara White of Swagg LLC

A writing workshop using journal prompts from the book “7 Day Grief Journal for Hip Hop Lovers”. These exercises will cultivate new perspectives, wellness and community through candid dialogue, hip hop music and journaling.

Creating Equitable Repair With an Open Reparations Design Framework by Imagine Deliver

Learn how to use an open reparations design framework to create practical solutions for repairing and restoring harm to the Black community. This community-led, transparent, and holistic model evaluates and addresses the range of harms the community has experienced, including discriminatory practices. Discover how to drive meaningful change and establish a more just and equitable future.

3:00 PM Workshops

Self-Care as Resistance by Vanessa Anyanso

During this workshop, attendees will learn about the impact of racism on mental health and ways we can fortify ourselves. We will think about self-care as both an individual and collective practice that is an act of resistance. Attendees will be encouraged to create self-care plans for themselves.

Blur the Lines Between Literary and Visual Arts with Dadaist Inspired Poems by Rajine the Queen

Originally created early in the 20th century on the battlefields of WW1 contesting the carnage of war and the elites. You will be able to create your own poem by selecting words, phrases, and images that relate to the excellence and resilience of Black people in America.

Imagining and Building Black Wealth, Open Road Fund by Black Trust Fund

To fund descendants of the Atlantic Slave Trade empowers us to rest. In this workshop, we will invite folks to apply to the Open Road Fund–a community resource of $50 million to be distributed to Black communities across Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota–and, together, imagine what’s possible.

5:00 PM Workshops

Cultivating Joy Through Cannabis by Clemon Dabney A.K.A Doc Dabs

This workshop will cover the basics of cloning, including the equipment needed, techniques for successful cloning, and the benefits of cloning vs. growing from seed. Participants will have hands-on experience cloning their own cannabis plant.

Emancipate Your Mental State by Chance York of the Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing, Mindfulness

Colonization can be seen in our landscapes, in societal structures and in our communities, but the pervasive, and sometimes hardest to notice, effects of colonization take place in the routine thoughts, narratives, and cycles of our mind. This workshop will involve thoughtful conversation, breath work, insight meditation, and helpful approaches to prioritizing self-care