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2022 Juneteenth Celebration Recap

Juneteenth is a celebration of abolition, Black freedom, Black joy, Black history, and Black futures. This year's event will be centered around Blackness and the Black experience. Blackness is intersectional and involves a variety of genders, sexualities, abilities, economic statuses, and more. This celebration is nuanced as we plan to recognize and validate the holistic Black experience. We will commemorate the lives of the Black men, Black women, and Black non-binary folx lost due to police brutality while also making room for celebration and community connection with performances, speeches, a march, and a commemorative moment of silence.

Was. Is. Will Be.

This year's theme is done in remembrance of the Black past, a commemoration of the Black present, and a vision of the Black futureBlack Past remembers Black history which is often left out of historical narratives. Juneteenth will honor the contributions of Black abolitionists and change-makers through educational opportunities throughout the event. Black Present commemorates the nuance of the present-day Black experience. Black people are affected by systemic racism, anti-Blackness, and institutional oppression seen through police murders, incarceration, and other forms of violence against Black people. We will honor present-day abolitionists and change-makers. Black Future makes room to dream of a collective future free from the violence of the white supremacist patriarchy. We will center Black futurism, vision, joy, and community through interactive activities.

Juneteenth Celebration Livestream

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Parking & Transportation

Parking is free on a first come, first served basis at the NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center parking garage, which you will pull into as soon as you turn onto Plymouth Ave N. from Penn Ave N. There will be signs indicating that you can only drive onto Plymouth Ave N. to park as the rest of the block up to N. Morgan Ave will be barricaded off.

If you are using Uber or Lyft, the drop-off location is the parking lot at N. 14th Ave and Penn Ave N. and the $10 voucher code for the first 100 attendees on each platform is: UMNJUNETEENTH



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